Benefits of Cloud Computing

Low up-front investment​

With cloud computing, a major portion of the IT budget becomes an operating expense rather than an upfront capital expenditure. Businesses no longer need to set up expensive data centers before opening their doors or embarking on new initiatives.

Cost efficiency

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you can reap the same benefits from the massive economies of scale achieved by cloud service providers(CSPs). CSPs are able to maximize the amount of fully utilized hardware they’re running, conserving energy and other costs–savings they’re ultimately able to pass on to their customers.

Highly elastic capacity

Cloud computing resources are not only highly scalable, i.e. easy to expand, but highly elastic, meaning that capacity and costs can also be ramped down during periods of light demand.

Ease of use and maintenance

With cloud computing, resources and updates can be deployed in an automated, standardized fashion, increasing accessibility and eliminating inconsistencies and the need for manual updates. There’s also no need for your team to physically maintain servers or data center facilities.

Better business continuity

Because of the virtualized nature of cloud computing infrastructure, creating backup copies of data and operating systems and initiating failover procedures can be automated. This allows for much better data protection and availability than most on-premises systems can provide.

Reduce your burden

When starting a business, servers and networking equipment can be a significant expense. To reduce this burden, many businesses are turning to cloud computing. Cloud computing provides a number of benefits including improved scalability, cheaper support, and automated backups. As a result, you have more time and energy to spend on other business needs.

Private Cloud

Monkey Data Technologies can help you design,  build and manage your  virtualization environment and private cloud with VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix, KVM, Docker and Openstack.

Public Cloud

Monkey Data Technologies can help you build your IT Environment in pubic cloud .


  • Resource Assessment
  • Architecture Design 


  • Application Deployment
  • Data Migration


  • Resource Adjust
  • Application Maintenance 
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