What is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization allows running multiple instances of Operating systems and Applications on a single Computer where each of the operating systems runs as an independent operating system called “Virtual Machine”. It help IT organizations run multiple virtual machines on each physical server, driving a reduction in the overall number of physical server in a data center. By enabling faster server deployments, centralized server management, and scalable resource, Server Virtualization offers
you the flexibility.

What we can Offer!


    1. Requirements Analysis
    2. Server virtualization solution selection
    3. architecture Design
    4. PoC (Proof of Concept) testing or Demonstration


    1. Server Hardware set up and configuration
    2. Virtualization hypervisor installation and configuration
    3. HA/Cluster configuration
    4. SAN/DAS/NAS storage connection and configuration
    5. Multipath configuration


    1. System status monitoring and alert
    2. Virtual Machine Backup & Recovery
    3. Regular Health Checking
    4. Local & Remote Support


    1. VirtualMachine Live Migration
    2. Migration to Cloud
    3.  P2V or V2V Migration
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